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Causes it to be easier for mood to obtain even worse. Lower mood means lower cooperativeness and increases in Darkness.

  • Dear ???
  • Somewhat success that is increases of follow me. The girl may well be more prone to follow you around, making it simpler to possess threesomes and intercourse at particular spots from the map.

    • Libido ???

    Usually the woman comes invite for sex. Having sex will increases Perversion, which increases naughtiness gains, which increases a want to require intercourse.

    • Body Management ???

    When weakness accumulates, helps it be easier to simply take breaks with priority. The higher girls weakness is, the faster her desire to have a rest rises, making her simply take breaks when needed.

    • Glutton ???

    Helps it be easier to get eat. The woman consumes more frequently, when you yourself have meals kept, and that means you require much more food kept.

    • Terrain Grasp ???

    More frequently collects items utilizing the pickaxe. Useful if you presently want items which tend to be more typical in mining spots.

    • Bug Collector ???
      More frequently collects things utilizing the bug net. Useful in the event that you presently want items which tend to be more common in insect spots.

    Super Sense ???

    You can feel the Main Character’s position with a sense even if you are far away. When you call a girl with your phone, she will came to your location no matter how far away you are from each other when you call.

  • Fishing Lover ???
  • Helps make your ex go fishing more often. Useful if you presently want a complete lot moer seafood.

    • Animal Lover ???

    Makes it much simpler getting in experience of animals. The woman will more often have fun with crazy pets and animals.

    • Endurance ???

    Will not be hungry. The woman will not have to consume and it has a complete belly.

    • Effect Lover ???

    More possibilities for females to come calmly to present. You will receieve more gift ideas through the girl.

    • Tireless ???
      • Wil never be suffering from fatigue, making it simpler to explore. The woman will no much longer accumulate tiredness and does not have to rest.
    • Fragile Constitution ???

    Helps it be easier to contract colds. The woman is more prone to gain a cool from activities that cause them. Which also means you will see more possibilities to heal a ill woman.

    • Misfortunate ???

    Makes it much simpler to get grade 1 itemsIncreases the possibility of just one celebrity things whenever gathering.

    • Goods Supplier ???

    Makes it easier to go items that are gathering the fingers. Useful in the event that you currently want items which tend to be more typical in selecting spots.

    • Resting Princess ???

    Usually sleeps. The girl has an elevated want to rest. Aids in tiredness, but additionally offers you more possibilities to leap them as they sleep.

    • Wild ???

    Makes it harder to utilize the homely household furniture. The girl won’t utilize crafted, “modern” furniture as frequently to satisfy her desires.

    • Courage ???

    Makes it much simpler to go to far places. Unclear just what it indicates. Probably the woman is much more prone to wander the area.

    • Wants to Play ???

    The lady often comes playThe girl will have an elevated aspire to mess around. Aids in her mood.

    • Cooking Lover ???

    Often goes girl that is cooking. The cook more often provided that there are components into the food storage space to prepare with.

    • Devoted Partner ???

    Each time you behave, your trust will increase as well as your motivation that is maximum will by 10%. This probably means whenever the key Character speaks to your woman her trust increases. The ability additionally allows you to talk longer to your girl on top of that.

    • Good Talker ???

    Whenever speaking along with other girls, helps it be easier to obtain along if it means The Main Character’s and girl’s relation increases more, or that of other girl’s and her with them. Unclear.

    • Priestess Bloodline ???

    Counter human anatomy temperature from dropping if the human anatomy gets damp and causes it to be harder to increase darkness. The woman won’t get as numerous colds due to that.

    • Clean Enthusiast ???

    Frequently enters baths. The girl will have a larger aspire to simply take a shower.

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